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Physical Operations, São Paulo


Finance, London

What is your most thriving experience at Engelhart?

Engelhart’s organizational culture motivates me in every way, its dynamics generate “value” which I have never experienced in any of the other companies I have worked for.

How do our culture and values resonate with you, and how do you think you apply them to your daily routine?

Decisions are quick and target the goals, and there are no barriers to access managers. That’s perfect!

Please describe your experience of the ESG initiatives. What message is important for you to communicate through the ESG initiatives?

One of the variables that made me change jobs and come to Engelhart was the ESG initiatives. These initiatives resonate with me and mirror my values. I believe that they are essential for all corporate best practices, especially in terms of transparency.

How would you describe “Diversity & Inclusivity” at Engelhart?

This is a very important topic addressed and encouraged by Engelhart. I am engaged and supportive, playing my part – we do not have any kind of prejudice with respect to race, gender, religion, etc.

What does success look like to you at Engelhart? Please describe an experience/opportunity at Engelhart that has been meaningful for your career path.

Success outside of a team does not bring the least satisfaction for me! Working together we can achieve our goals and/or objectives, but it must always be together!

What is the biggest career obstacle you’ve overcome while at Engelhart and how did you do it?

There was a problem with the quality of the soybeans from one of our clients. Together with my manager we built a solution for both parties that generated satisfaction on both sides.

How do you achieve a work-life balance while at Engelhart?

For me, balance is achieved by the value I put on having good food daily and the physical activities I practice daily. These practices combined are very important for those who seek balance.