Our new approach to commodity trading

Engelhart was founded in 2013 by BTG Pactual Group. As an international commodity trading company, we have brought together exceptional individuals with diverse global backgrounds and decades of experience. We understand and support markets and sustainable economic development. Together we improve markets by providing liquidity, and price discovery which supports capital allocation efficiency.

Our business model is “asset light” and highly diversified – giving us the ability to effectively and nimbly adapt to changing market conditions.

Our collaborative and experienced team leverages its strong fundamental knowledge with a scientific, quantitative and focused approach to trading based around our core values:

Agile – adapting quickly and responsibly

Collaborative – valuing diversity of thought

Entrepreneurial – ethical and sustainable innovation

best-in-class commodity

At Engelhart people introduce and welcome new ideas, new approaches and challenges to established processes and mindsets. This culture of “openness” encourages entrepreneurship in individuals. With that in mind, I am not afraid of saying or doing things wrong, rather I am empowered to make every change for improvement.


Finance, London