About us

About us

Robust capital base with a supportive shareholder

Engelhart was founded in 2013 and was originally known as BTG Commodities. We grew rapidly as a physical and financial commodity trading company before being reorganised under a single umbrella entity called Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners (ECTP) in 2016.

Consistent with its history and values of agility and entrepreneurialism, Engelhart subsequently simplified its business model by shifting focus towards financial trading and building an edge in research, market analytics and weather forecasting.

This targeted approach has positioned Engelhart to better execute upon new opportunities, enhance risk deployment and capital allocation, and focus on its competitive advantages.

Engelhart benefits from a permanent source of capital from a single shareholder which allows us to focus on innovative investing that will deliver value over the long term.

& innovate


The drive from the business to constantly evolve and innovate, coupled with the freedom and flexibility given to meet requirements means that there are always opportunities to investigate and learn new skills in a practical manner.



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