Culture & Values

Culture & Values

To build something for the longer term and be proud to be part of the journey

Our culture celebrates and rewards teamwork. By fostering high-performing teams made up of dynamic and forward-thinking individuals, we generate the conditions for success. Through continually and honestly assessing our performance, we provide all our employees with the development objectives needed to fulfil their potential.

“We benefit from a clear set of values that underpin our decisions and approach to our business. We have constructed our ACE set of values based on feedback from our colleagues. They reflect how we have overcome the challenges we have faced in our past and underpin the ambitious targets for growth and success that we have set for Engelhart. These values should not only help us achieve our business goals but also create a fun and inclusive environment in which to work.”

– Huw Jenkins, CEO


We understand that market conditions can change rapidly, so we are flexible in our approach to value creation and execution of our strategy. We adapt to change responsibly and quickly, benefitting from our flat structure and flexible working environment.


Our professional working environment welcomes and considers differing views and insights. We value, and benefit from, independent, original and diverse thoughts and perspectives. We recognise and fairly reward all contributions based on their value to the firm.


Enthusiasm, purpose and integrity lead us to achieving our goals. We manage risk responsibly, avoid shortcuts and operate under ethical and sound commercial principles. Engelhart is fortunate to be made up of individuals with a wide range of skills, experience and the drive to continue improving. Together, we share a sense of ownership over our business, its performance and sustainability.



Engelhart’s flat structure allows greater dynamism, autonomy, and agility with less bureaucracy.


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