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Finance, London

What is your most thriving experience at Engelhart?

It has to be when I was appointed to the Global Controller role. By that time, I had been with the company for 5 years and was in a project team. This was not only a recognition of my work, more importantly it gave me a greater scope of responsibilities and the flexibility to explore the different areas within the business which helps with my personal development.

How do our culture and values resonate with you, and how do you think you apply them to your daily routine?

At Engelhart people are always welcoming new ideas, new approaches and challenges to established processes. This culture of “openness” can encourage entrepreneurship in individuals. With that in mind, I am not afraid of saying or doing things wrong, rather I am empowered to make every change for improvement.

How would you describe your expertise at Engelhart? What edge does it bring to your team and the company?

I would say that I am very good at communicating with people. By talking to the right team or the right person not only can I acquire the information I need to succeed in my work but also pass on knowledge to help others.

How would you describe “Diversity & Inclusivity” at Engelhart?

It is amazing to see people from different countries/cultures, with different types of expertise, working together in the same function in the company. We are all doing a great job because we are different and yet we complement each other. The fact that each of us has an equal opportunity to contribute to and have an influence is also a good demonstration of “inclusivity”.

What does success look like to you at Engelhart? Please describe an experience/opportunity at Engelhart that has been meaningful for your career path.

To me the sense of success is being able to leave my comfort zone and still achieve the goal. I appreciate the trust given to me when the company appointed me with this new role. My role is challenging but exciting, and this is what motivates me the most at work.

What is the biggest career obstacle you’ve overcome while at Engelhart and how did you do it?

Luckily enough I haven’t really had a major career obstacle. However, Engelhart is a place where change is the norm and having the ability to adapt and to learn quickly are vital.

How do you achieve a work-life balance while at Engelhart?

To me work-life balance is a relative concept. If work can generate the right sense of fulfilment, then I consider the balance is also achieved. Besides, the amount of support from my colleagues and managers is also important to achieve such balance. As a mother of two I have had little issue with managing good work-life balance while at Engelhart.