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Finance, London

What is your most thriving experience at Engelhart?

When I am asked – what makes me thrive at work, it’s easy, I thrive when I am actively learning. The great thing about working at Engelhart is that no two days are the same. New challenges are presented, be it new products, new issues, new rules, or new approaches. Engelhart has a flat structure, so we truly work as a team, collaborating and supporting each other. This has really benefited me professionally, both in terms of growth and in building solid professional relationships.

How do our culture and values resonate with you, and how do you think you apply them to your daily routine?

Given that I work in compliance – agility, collaboration and incorporating different points of view, along with different experiences and ethics are core to my daily responsibilities. There are no silos, so agility is key to supporting our varied businesses and interests.

As a Compliance Officer I am fully aware that lack of honesty and transparency leads to negative outcomes, so it is essential to apply these principles in everything we do.

How would you describe your expertise at Engelhart? What edge does it bring to your team and the company?

My core expertise is that of regulatory law and compliance. I bring an edge to the role by having excellent communication skills and being practical and resolution oriented. I am confident in my ability to communicate clearly, honestly, kindly and when necessary, firmly. It is essential to listen and ask questions to understand (not just to be heard). I work hard to find the right people and bring them together to resolve issues and communicate action plans.

Please describe your experience of the ESG initiatives. What message is important for you to communicate through the ESG initiatives?

I was so pleased to be part of the founding of the Environmental Social and Governance, (ESG for short) Working Group, the subcommittee on Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities as well as on the subcommittee on Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Change and Life on Land. I think that the most important message about ESG is that this is not just a nice to have, rather it is a fundamental shift in the way we live and do business on a global basis.

How would you describe “Diversity & Inclusivity” at Engelhart?

Engelhart is truly a global business and we all recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion and that we make better decisions when we have the input of as many different points of view as possible. This means ensuring as many backgrounds, experiences and abilities have a voice and representation in our business. This recognition is core to attracting new talent and ensuring their success as part of this global team.

What do you consider the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever received at Engelhart and where did it come from?

The most valuable piece of advice I received (from my boss and a few other colleagues) is to learn to delegate. This nugget of advice is one that I will continue to pass on. No one is truly capable of doing everything well and so we have to learn to trust our colleagues. Trust builds better teams, establishes pipelines for future leaders, and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

What is the biggest career obstacle you’ve overcome while at Engelhart and how did you do it?

The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is maintaining a robust program while the company was reorganizing. Resources were scarce and we had to let go of some staff, this was very difficult both personally and professionally. We overcame resource scarcity by reaching out to other teams to share resources and functions. This had the benefit of better integrating compliance with other core functions and ended up strengthening our processes and systems.

How do you achieve a work-life balance while at Engelhart?

Engelhart’s working environment is supportive of working to live rather than living to work. I have a very long commute and remote working a few days a week helps me maintain a healthy balance.