Scientific, quantitative & technology focused approach

Engelhart’s expertise is wide reaching, and supported by an agile and collaborative approach to trading. Our main business line is financial trading in Energy, Agriculture, Freight, Metals & Minerals, and Risk Premia. Our traders leverage their extensive experience across all segments of the market and are supported by deep market analytics and skilled, agile and experienced middle and back office teams. Our activities help promote orderly markets by providing liquidity and risk warehousing to market participants, and by helping remove inefficiencies in market pricing.

Sophisticated risk management is a core component of our competitive advantage. Our global Risk team uses advanced proprietary systems coupled with their deep market experience to understand, manage and optimise risk taking. This allows us to confidently capitalise on opportunities to improve performance across our trading portfolio while mitigating downside to key stress factors. It also allows us to embrace new ideas and strategies responsibly with appropriate exposure levels.

deep &
fundamental knowledge
of the markets

We operate across key commodity markets: Energy, Agriculture, Metals & Minerals, Freight and Risk Premia



The business trades financial energy products both on exchanges and OTC, including crude oil and refined products, power, gas, LNG, environmental credits and weather derivatives. The power business combines a successful global financial trading operation with a US based Financial Transmission Rights (‘FTR’) business. Sophisticated analytical processes are used to assess market fundamentals, coupled with an integrated meteorological expertise to identify mis-priced commodities.


Agriculture / Softs

We trade a range of financial agriculture products including Grains & Oilseeds and Softs. Our activity in the markets helps producers and consumers hedge their market price risks, allowing for better price discovery and improved market liquidity. Our market participation is based on a deep analysis and modelling of market dynamics, which also integrates our cutting edge approaches such as geospatial engineering and weather forecast interpretation.


Metals & Minerals

Our team of experienced traders cover the major exchange-traded financial metals and minerals markets. The team applies global macroeconomic analysis with detailed supply-demand modelling to develop a thorough understanding of these markets. Our global reach supports the team by providing unique insights on developing trends and market-moving events.



Our freight business provides long-term solutions and freight market insights to our various commodity trading desks as well as third party clients. The desk manages a fleet of time-chartered vessels and is active in trading and managing risk through the freight futures markets.


Risk Premia

Our strategic cross-commodities trading desk has a deep understanding of commodity market sentiment through analysis of industry investor activity and the macroeconomic environment. The desk identifies relative value opportunities across the commodity curve structure and applies appropriate trading techniques to capture value.

risk management